Payment will be done by the month, and will be due at the first lesson of the month. If it is not received by the second lesson of the month a $20 late fee will be applied. Cash, checks, and online payments will be accepted. A trial lesson will be granted to new students, and if the student opts to continue then that lesson will be paid for by the parent.

30 minute lesson- $30

45 minute lesson- $40

60 minute lesson- $50

Studio Protocol

Students should plan to attend every lesson of the month. If the student is sick or an emergency arises, we can negotiate a different time. Parents should do their best to know what conflicts could arise over the course of the month; 2 lessons per semester can be rescheduled. If the teacher needs to make lesson up for any reason, this will either be done at a mutually agreed upon time or credited to the next month of lessons.

Parents with students under the age of 12 are highly encouraged to observe the lesson. At this young age, the parent should be highly involved in establishing good practice habits and aiding their child however they can. Parents of older children are also welcome to observe lessons.

Students must show up with the required materials- scale and etude books, orchestra music, and assigned solo music. In addition to this, students should bring a notebook for the teacher to make notes about weekly goals.